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11 Dec. 21

6 tips for a cleaner and tidier looking home

A clean and tidy house makes it more pleasant and inviting both for us and for our guests. We do not want to enter a dirty and/or messy house, even if it is our own house, and such a house almost absorbs our energy. Whether we have a small, normal-sized or large house, we must take care to keep it clean. Cleaning can sometimes turn into a very difficult job, as the cleaning breaks and the house gets more dirty, we do not go to work and as a result of these two situations that feed each other, we may become unable to get out of the business. We are all aware of what we must do so that this does not become a burden on our shoulders: Order. Both keeping the house tidy and cleaning at regular intervals. In addition, simply furnishing the house, cleaning it from small decorative elements that will keep dust, unnecessary and excess items, in short, making your decoration suitable for it from the beginning will make things a little easier. To our readers who want to simplify their house but do not know where to start, ‘How can I simplify my house? I suggest you take a look at our article. In addition, doing a deep cleaning once or twice a year will also be beneficial for the cleaning work we will do at other times. Our guide on the subject is under the title of deep house cleaning in 6 items. For daily cleaning, you can take a look at our article titled ‘How to clean the house in 20 minutes?’. In this article, we will talk about a few small details that we need to pay attention to for a practical cleaning. Even if you don’t have time to do a full cleaning, the house will look clean and tidy once you get these few chores done.

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1) Keep the entrance tidy

The first entrance of the house, the vestibule, which is the part that welcomes everyone, is one of the places that should be paid attention to in terms of cleanliness and order. It would not be a lie if we say that a tidy hallway is the first step to a tidy house. If you prefer closed cabinets and cloakrooms where shoes and clothes will not be seen while decorating your entrance, you will get a much more organized look.

2) Keep the kitchen sink clean

The presence of dirty dishes in the kitchen, the kitchen sink being dirty with food residues or stains can make us look scruffy, we should pay attention to such details. Sink and countertops should always be clean and tidy. A messy countertop can make the kitchen look dingy. The place of everything in your kitchen cabinets should be clear, in the same way, the place of the items you keep on the counter should be clear. E.g; some spices, small appliances, detergent and other cleaning products etc.

3) Get organized

Make sure the place of every item in your home is clear and keep your items in their places when you are not using them. Items in your kitchen cabinets, items in your wardrobes, other personal items, cleaning materials, children’s toys, etc., everything should have a place and be kept in their place. This is perhaps the most important step in maintaining order in your home.

4) Arrange the cleaning time in advance

Determine in advance what day you will clean, when you will start cleaning, and never give up on this plan. For example, if you make a plan for two days after breakfast in the morning, do not allow anything to disrupt this plan, do not delay the cleaning work by doing other work for yourself. Procrastination is the main enemy of the cleaning activity!

5) Try to make cleaning fun

And don’t think we’re asking you for the impossible! If distraction is the main enemy of cleaning, music is its best friend! Turn on your favorite music and get started. Music is a great accompaniment that makes almost anything we find unpleasant bearable.

6) And do not accumulate too much dirty laundry

It’s a simple suggestion, but we have to point out that it’s quite appropriate. Today, many washing machines have half-full programs and short washing programs, so there is no need to hoard dirty laundry. Moreover, the smell of clean laundry increases the desire to clean the house and keep it tidy!