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There are important details in the clean water system installed by Local Plumbers Eastbourne. We call the toilet-bathroom and kitchen areas in the buildings as wet areas. Water use places in sanitary installations are usually located in these areas. That’s why the floors are insulated to prevent water from leaking on the floors. We prevent sweating by laying water pipes under plaster.

Sanitary and Mechanical Plumbing:

The pipes placed in the bathroom are laid under plaster from the inner surface of the bathroom wall during the construction phase. Nominal diameter pipes are usually sufficient for each of the vitreous ware.

Toilet Vitrified :

Reservoir filling pipe diameter and pipe diameter are used for bidet and sink faucets. It should be well ventilated in this area like the bathroom. In the toilets; European stones are used. It is necessary to wash hands after using the sink toilet stone.

Plumbing and Mechanical Installation|Toilet Sanitary Ware Installation by Local Plumbers Eastbourne.

Kitchen Vitrified:

Those related to plumbing in kitchens; sink, battery and, in some cases, a water heater or combi boiler. Although the hot water inlets of dishwashers, water heaters and boilers are ½”, the piping is made in ¾” diameter, and the diameter is reduced to ½” with reductions.

Plumbing and Mechanical Installation|Kitchen Sanitary Ware Installation by Local Plumbers Eastbourne

Sink Installation :

It is an installation element that sends the dirty water used for hand and face washing in toilets and bathrooms to the waste water pipe with the help of a siphon. Consisting mainly of a bowl, the sink has a drain hole, a soap dish, an overflow hole and a tap hole for installing a faucet if needed. Flat, half or full-footed varieties are available. It is usually made of ceramic, enameled sheet or enameled cast iron. There are sinks made of stainless steel that can be used in places such as factories, prisons, and vehicles. Washbasins made of ceramic materials are widely used in residences.

Types: Today, in the world and in our country, a wide variety of sizes and models of washbasins are manufactured. The variety of models, colors, stances according to various locations, and some functions also vary according to the company that made the design. However, it is possible to examine the sinks under three main groups.

Pedestal Washbasin: Its difference from the classical washbasin is the full pedestal under the washbasin. Here, the foot is not a carrier, it is an accessory that gives an image and model difference. The appearance of the pedestal washbasin and the appropriate mounting dimensions according to the model of the washbasin are given below.

Plumbing and Mechanical Installation|Pedestal Basin Installation

Vitrified Installation, Concealed Cistern, Plumbing, Waste Water System by Eastbourne Plumber.

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Half Pedestal Sink:

Its difference from other sinks is the half pedestal under the sink. Here, the foot is not a carrier, it is an accessory that gives an image and model difference. The intermediate tap and the siphon are completely invisible. Dimensions and mounting dimensions vary according to the models in line with the standards. Below is the appearance of the half pedestal sink and the generally used mounting dimensions.

Plumbing and Mechanical Installation|Half Pedestal Sink Installation

Duties of Siphons:

There are foul-smelling gases in the waste water pipes. These gases are hydrogen (H2), sulphurous hydrogen (H2S), methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These gases pollute the air of the room they are in. Pollution can be dangerous for health, as well as disturbing people in the environment with bad smell and disturbing comfort. For this reason, a siphon is placed at the places where the water spouts are connected to the dirty and dirty water pipes. Some water outlets, such as the European toilet bowl, are manufactured with a self-siphon. In fact, the siphon is a kind of water safety device that prevents the gas and odors from the dirty and dirty water pipes from spreading to the building with the help of the water curtain inside.

With the beginning of plumbing, the need to prevent the spread of odors and gases to the environment arose. Many tools have been made to do this task. Siphon is the most modern of these.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Local Plumbers Eastbourne

What are the Local Plumbers Eastbourne services offered apart from water leak detection?

As Local Plumbers Eastbourne, we have bathroom, kitchen, wc unblocking, bad odor detection in your home, honeycomb cleaning, plumbing repair and repair, bathroom renovation services, apart from water leak detection.

What Does Honeycomb Cleaning Do? Can Local Plumbers Eastbourne help me with this?

If the heater cores in your home do not heat well, do not get hot on the bottom and do not heat up, or vice versa, if you pay high natural gas bills, if you cannot heat when your combi boiler is on high setting, you need to have the core cleaning done.

Local Plumbers Eastbourne Does it clean the cooler core with medicine?

Yes, the honeycomb cleaning service, which takes about 2 hours with 3 different drugs, is provided by Local Plumbers Eastbourne. We use a total of 3 drugs as honeycomb cleaning drug, neutralizer, installation protection drug.

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