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11 Dec. 21

What is Water Leak Detection?

There are various methods for detecting water leaks in your homes and workplaces. Developing technology allows faults to be found and repaired quickly. Some leaks are visible to the naked eye. However, most of the leaks cannot be detected visually. In this case, some technological devices are used. Minor leaks, invisible problems in connection points and valves can occur. There are several plumbing systems in your homes and businesses. These are the clean water system, waste water system and natural gas system. These installations may also encounter separate problems. A water leak should be detected and repaired without causing material damage. The masters you find by posting an advertisement on Ustala.com will solve your problems in a short time by using the latest technology water leak detection methods.

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How to Find Leakage in Clean Water Installation?

Company personnel should go to the homes or workplaces of the customers served for the purpose of reconnaissance. While detecting water leaks, customer complaints are listened to and visually detected. Plans the methods of finding water leaks to be done. The tightness control of the clean water installation is carried out with a pressure test. Before performing the pressure test, it must be ensured that all valves on the line are closed. The test pump is connected to the clean water system at one point. Then, pressure is given to the installation in the range of 10-15 bar. When pressure is applied to the clean water installation, if there is a leak in the installation, the pressure will decrease. If no change is observed in the applied pressure, it means there is no leakage. Waste water installation and natural gas installation, water leak detection should be started. If there is a hot water installation in the building or house, the same process should be applied to the hot water installation. If a water leak is detected, it must be repaired.

How to Find Leakage in Wastewater System?

If a problem is not encountered during the controls made in the clean water system, the wastewater system is started. There are also various methods for wastewater leak detection. Leaks can be detected by experienced personnel. In the waste water installation, the control of the drain line is done with channel cameras. The camera is released from all outlets of the wastewater system to detect water leaks. There may be problems such as broken, cracked, hole, gasket stripping and reverse bias on the pipes. These problems will be visible on the camera. After detecting the fault, necessary preparations should be made and repair procedures should be started. Leaks in the wastewater system can harm human and environmental health. For this reason, water leakage should be detected and repaired quickly. Waste water system leaks are more difficult to find. Detection is made depending on the sensitivity of the cameras and the human eye. For this reason, malfunctions such as small holes and gasket stripping are difficult to detect.

How to Find Leaks in Natural Gas Installation?

Water leaks in natural gas installations can cause major problems. Everyone uses natural gas at home and at work. Generally, classical heating installations are used in your homes. Problems that may occur in this installation can cause various problems. Issues affect bills and the environment. In addition, problems that may cause loss of life and property may be encountered. Bad results should be prevented by detecting water leaks. If the water leak is from the outlets of the combi, it will be inevitable that water will come out from the bottom, side and pipes of the combi. The boiler may experience pressure loss. When there is not enough water pressure, the boiler will turn off. Continuous switching on and off of the combi can even cause it to burn. More energy will be spent to warm up and this will be reflected on the bill. The problem will not end until the water leak is detected and repaired. Water leak detection is done with special devices. Thermal cameras are used from natural gas system leaks. Hot water leakage on the installation surface can be detected with thermal cameras. In some cases, leak detection can be done visually. However, leaks in underground pipes should be found with the help of thermal cameras. In addition, acoustic listening devices are also used. While detecting water leaks, sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear are reached with acoustic listening devices. In this way, the location of the leak can be detected and repaired.

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How to Detect Water Leak Using Paint?

Waste water system leakage can be detected using paint. Water leaks are mostly experienced in wastewater installations. You may encounter problems especially with your toilet bowls. It is possible to detect water leaks by adding some paint to the toilet water tank.