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11 Dec. 21

Which One Should You Choose? Shower cabin or tub?

Do you prefer a shower cabin or a bathtub in the bathroom? We have answered this frequently discussed topic for you.

Determining the most accurate and comfortable system for the shower area is one of the undecided points of anyone who has a house or wants to renovate their bathroom. So, should a shower cabin or a bathtub be preferred for a more useful bathroom decoration?
We have examined this subject for you, which many of us think about, but cannot decide with its pros and cons.


Shower cabin or tub? Bathrooms are difficult places. During the architectural design phase, the dimensions of this area are generally poor. However, it is used much more intensively than, for example, the dining room of a house. We spend a lot more time there. Moreover, it is a wet place and there are many technical details. In short, the bathroom is a risky area.

The most frequently used solution for the comfortable use of the shower section is the shower cabin systems. Especially with the habit of bathtub being replaced by the use of the faster shower, shower cabin systems in parallel with this rapid usage started to attract more attention. It is also preferred because it is practical and economical.

This system solution is not only functional for small bathrooms; it is also extremely comfortable for large bathrooms. Therefore, the shower cabin cannot be directly connected to the dimensions of the bathroom. In fact, I think that as the shower volume grows with the area, using this system becomes even more comfortable.

What could be the alternative to these systems? The answer we all know is the shower curtain. However, we’ve all had the experience of the shower curtain being rolled up slightly from the back while taking a bath. Of course, there is a general set of images always before our eyes.

We come across the image of the bathroom with no closure system in many magazines. If you have someone to dry the floors behind you and you can get out of the bathroom without slipping, yes you can use such an open shower system; but we don’t think we all have the opportunity to do so.

Especially due to newly released designs and improved mechanisms, it has become easier for everyone to find a model that suits their taste. Also, as you know, there are special cleaners to avoid stains on the shower glass. In short, it is now possible to talk about a system that is useful in every respect.
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Shower cabin or tub? As a result of his expertise in spa design for more than ten years, it can be easily said that the use of a bathtub is more positive for human health. Contrary to what is thought, the use of a bathtub provides many advantages in terms of bathroom design and use. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, I highly recommend choosing a tub instead of a shower cabin. You ask why?


You can use bath tubs as showers with the right planning. With a simple glass separator, it is very easy to achieve the convenience of a shower and the comfort of a bathtub without the expense of a shower cabin.


Bathing kids can be a tiring chore after a long day. Bathtubs are preferred by many families as they transform the bathing process into a game. While they are having fun, mothers can help them wash or have a hot coffee in peace.


It can be said that the use of bathtubs has numerous benefits for human health. Especially if you have back problems or diabetes, regular use of hot baths is good for your muscle health and lowers blood sugar. It is also a plus that it delays the aging of your skin.


If you have a rectangular bathing session, it is convenient and economical to install a tub instead of a shower. Since the width of the bathtubs is narrower than the shower trays, it allows you to perceive the space wider. Tub sizes vary from 180 cm to 150 cm, so it is now easy to find the right product for every bathroom.